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FIREWORKS FUSE - Cannon, Safety, American, Chinese visco, Waterproof

Thank you for visiting Onlinefireworks a Division of We are proud to offer one of the largest varieties of Cannon Fuse and specialty fuse on the market today in the United States.

We sell one of the largest varieties of fireworks fuse, including both American and Chinese fuses. We sell fuse in various sizes from 1.8 mm to ¼ inch time fuse. We offer custom lengths, Pre-packaged fuse as well as our own custom packaged brand in various sizes and lengths from 1 foot to 5,000 feet rolls.

We also carry many different colors, paper fuse, water resistant fuse and American Waterproof fuse. We carry various burn speeds from ½ second per foot to longer burning to meet your every pyrotechnic project need.

We also carry many sizes and effects of Pre-Cut fuse, time fuse and specialty fuse for your pyrotechnic projects. Our Special effect fuse includes crackling fuse, falling leaf fuse, flying fish fuse and strobe fuse.

Remember: All Fuse Must Ship USPS Parcel Post via Surface Mail per USPS regulations. Be sure to leave enough time for your fuse to arrive 1-9 business days except HI and AK which could be up to 30 days. Please see our shipping policy for more details or contact us at customer support via email or phone.

We can not ship fuse Internationally, USA addresses Only.

New for 2023 Pre-Packaged Fuses in 20 foot pre-cut rolls with headers and label for speed
New for 2023 Pre-Packaged Fuse Burn Speed from fast Quick Fuse .17-.22 seconds per foot to Premium Fuse 35 seconds per foot.
3/32 American Water PROOF Fuse in Red, Green and RWB
3/32 American Water PROOF Fuse in Red, Green and RWB. Burns at approx. 24 seconds per foot.
Magic Whips, Crackling Fun Show fuse
Magic whips, crackling fun show fuse
Quick Fuse and Quick Match Fuse Kits
Quick Fuse and Quick Match Fuse Kits
1/4 inch Fuse Timed Fuse
This is the Chinese copy of Japanese Time fuse. Has light tan outer wrap. This is a high quality time fuse. Burn rate at 3 seconds per inch.
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