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Thank you for visiting We are proud to offer one of the largest varieties of Novelty fireworks on the market today in the United States. We pride ourselves by researching, testing and bringing our loyal customers a wide variety of quality low priced fireworks each year.

Some of our hundreds of Novelty Fireworks include: Air Horns, Air-soft guns and supplies, Assortments, Bomb bags, Cake Sparklers, Cap Guns / Grenades, Confetti / Party Poppers / Confetti Blaster Cannons, Exploding Practical Jokes, Novelty Legal Firecracker Cracking Items, Firing / Ignition Systems, Flare guns and Ammo, Fuse / Cannon Fuse / Safety Fuse / American and Chinese Fuse, Glow Products, Ground Spinners, Indoor Smokeless Cake / Club / Bottle Sparklers, Laser Pointers, Morning Glory Sparklers, Mortar Tubes / Racks, Mystical Fire and Big Fire, Pyrotechnic Supplies such as paper and plastic tubes, plugs, and Shells, Party / Silly String, Promotional Items, Punk, Sky Lanterns, Smoke, Air-soft / Paintball Smoke grenades, tubes, Snakes, Snaps, Sparklers, Sprite Bombs, Stink / Fart Bombs and products, Water Lanterns and Wedding Sparklers.

Novelty Fireworks include many different items that vary from legal in every state to safe and sane items legal in just some states. Please make sure you review per our policy all specific laws concerning Novelty fireworks in your state before purchasing. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at customer support via email or phone.

Good fireworks for good prices, "Enjoy the Show"

Hot Sale Items - Limited Quantity Due to high Demand, no limitations, limited to current stock only.
GENDER REVEAL Smoke and Confetti for that Special reveal.
Cake Sparklers & Candles
We are proud to offer one of the largest varieties of Indoor and outdoor Cake Sparklers, Big Birthday Club, Bottle Sparklers for your special events.
Cap Guns / Grenades
We offer a full line of cap guns and grenades as well as all your replacement caps.
Confetti / Party Blasters
We offer over 25 different Confetti blasters and cannons in various sizes and effects.
Flare Fireworks Pistol Guns
We carry Fireworks Flare Pistols / guns and refill ammo.
Glow / LED Products
We offer a large variety of indoor and outdoor glow sticks and LED's as well as many other unique items.
Ground Spinners
We offer a variety of legal novelty ground spinners for your family fun.
LED Ultra Premium Party Balloons
LED Ultra Premium Party Balloons
Morning Glory Sparklers
We carry Morning Glory Sparklers from 14 inches to 36 inches.
Mortar Tubes / Racks
We carry a variety of sizes of Mortar Tubes and Racks for your home based or professional shows.
Mystical Fire
Mystical Fire and Big Fire, A Must see for indoor and outdoor colored fire.
We carry one of the largest varieties of safe, legal, fun novelties in the United States.
Paper Tubes, Plugs, Plastic Shells, etc.
We carry over 25 different kinds of Paper Tubes, Paper and Plastic Plugs and Shells for all your pyrotechnic needs and special projects.
Party / Crazy String / Guns
Fun Party and Crazy String plus Special guns to shoot em. Get silly with our Party String
We carry over a dozen different sizes and shapes of Punk for insects and your fireworks lighting needs.
Party Poppers
We carry Party Poppers for all your fun family events and weddings.
Practical Jokes
We carry a full line of Practical joke items including exploding, shocking and stink items.
Sky & Water Lanterns
Sky and Water Lanterns for your special event.
We carry a full line of diverse snakes, from traditional to bold.
We carry many different sizes and styles of fun snaps for children and Adults only.
We are proud to carry one of the largest quality varieties of Sparklers in the United States. from 8 inches to 36 inches and all colors from traditional to Neon.
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