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Thank you for visiting a Division of We are proud to offer one of the largest varieties of Wedding sparklers and exit sparklers on the market today in the United States.

We carry #8 inch sparklers which burn about 30 seconds to #36 inch Wedding sparklers which burn close to 4 ½ minutes. Please note that each sparkler burns different based on the dipping process.

All of our Wedding sparklers have sturdy steel frame and are low smoke unless indicated. We do carry wood or bamboo sparklers as well as some Brides and Grooms do not like the steel frame.

We recommend buying at least 1-2 sparklers per guest depending on the number of wedding guest and your desired photo opportunities. We also recommend using a few boxes of #20 sparklers as lighting sparklers to speed up the lighting of all the other sparklers. This is the easiest way to light our easy light sparklers.

As our Wedding gift to you, we include a free Box of 6 #20 inch sparklers with each #20 and #36 inch wedding package. We will include a free box of 6 #10 inch lighting sparklers with each #10 and #14 inch wedding package.

Be sure to check our Color Sparklers, Neon Sparklers, Sky and Water Lanterns as well a glow sticks and Confetti Cannons for the younger and older guests.

Plus, we offer Free UPS Ground Shipping on all Wedding Sparkler Packages.

UPS 3 Day Select is available in some markets, please contact us at customer service via email or phone if you have questions or need your sparklers expedited.

Thank you; glad you could make your “Wedding Sparkle”.

#20 inch Gold Sparklers - Special Wedding Packages
#20 inch Gold Sparklers - Special Wedding Packages - #20 Sparklers last approx. 2 - 2 1/2 minutes each
Our Most Popular Wedding Supplies, Cake Sparklers, Confetti Poppers, Sky Lanterns and Water Lanterns
Wedding Confetti and Party Poppers, Water Lanterns, Sky Lanterns, and Cake Sparklers
Our Most Popular GLOW sticks, Glow Weddings, LED's
Our Most Popular GLOW sticks, Glow Weddings, LED's
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